Onslow Memorial Hospital Compliance

Code of Conduct

Staff Code of Conduct

Safety, Service and Courtesy are the basis of my behavior in all that I do.

I support our mission: to provide the people of our community quality medical services delivered in a friendly, safe and caring environment.

I will nurture our environment and culture: “Where People Care.”

I will hold to our vision:To be the place of choice for healthcare.

I will always adhere to the following:
– Sense the needs of others before they ask (Initiative)
– Help each other (Teamwork)
– Acknowledge people’s feelings (Empathy)
– Respect everyone (Courtesy)
– Explain what’s happening (Communicate)

I will always be professional in how I:
– Look
– Say
– Do

Every day I will do the following:
– My appearance will always be professional

When I answer the phone:
– For outside calls: I will say “Onslow Memorial Hospital or Name of Activity/Department, My name, How may I help you?”
– For inside calls: I will say “My name, How may I help you?”

When going into a patient’s room, I will:
– Knock before entering, tell the patient my name and what I do.
– When leaving a patient’s room, I will ask: “Is there anything we can do for you?”

– Instead of telling the patients and guests how to get somewhere, I will show them.

I will always be safe, show courtesy, and sense the needs of others.

**Some of the concepts for this code were taken from Fed Lee’s book: If Disney Ran Your Hospital, 9 things you would change, Second River Healthcare Press, 2004.

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