Onslow Memorial Hospital Compliance

Onslow Memorial Hospital is committed to providing people in the community with quality medical services delivered in a friendly, safe, and caring environment.  The Hospital’s commitment helps maintain the trust and respect of patients and the community we serve. To reinforce and strengthen this commitment, the Hospital has developed a Compliance Program to help ensure that all activities are conducted in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  The Compliance Program is made up of many components, including, but not limited to: (i) the Hospital’s Compliance Plan, (ii) various Compliance Policies, (iii) a Compliance Committee, (iv) a Compliance Officer, and (v) this Compliance Website.

Government regulation of the health industry is increasingly complex. At the same time, health care fraud and abuse have become a top enforcement priority for both the federal and state governments as well as private insurance companies. The Compliance Program was developed in response to the risks that are inherent in such a complex system. The Compliance Program was designed to assist in preventing violations of the law from occurring. Any violations that are found will be corrected, along with a thorough evaluation of any additional measures needed to prevent duplicate violations.

The Hospital takes its responsibility to comply with the law very seriously and has taken steps to prevent, detect, and correct legal violations throughout the system. To be successful, the Compliance Program requires the collective participation of every individual within the Hospital.

The Compliance Program formally establishes the unwritten code of ethics that has always existed at the Hospital. The Compliance Program describes the principles of conduct expected from employees, as well as the rights and responsibilities of all individuals who come into contact with the Hospital.

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