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Compliance Office

Onslow Memorial Hospital Compliance Office

Onslow Memorial Hospital is committed to promoting a Culture of Compliance.

It is our responsibility to act ethically and in accordance with the Code of Conduct, applicable OMH Policies, and relevant laws, rules, and regulations to provide people in our community with quality medical services delivered in a friendly, safe, and caring environment. Everyone working with our organization (including employees, physicians, contractors, vendors, and volunteers) are accountable for compliance results and compliant behavior, which is expected at all times.

Our organization takes its responsibility to comply with the law very seriously and has taken steps to prevent, detect, and correct legal violations throughout the system. You can help encourage and cultivate our growing Culture of Compliance by always abiding by applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

In order to be successful, the Compliance Program requires the collective participation of every individual within the Hospital. If you have any questions or concerns regarding potential non-compliant behavior, incidents, or violations, please reach out out to your supervisor, Compliance office, or report through the Compliance Hotline.

Erin Tallman
SVP Patient Advocacy & Compliance Officer

We are here to listen to your Compliance and Privacy Concerns

Please visit our Communicating Compliance Concerns page for more information.

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